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Insurance Information

Cranes Restoration

Cranes Restoration has been your locally owned and operated restoration company in Medicine Hat for over two decades. Over the years, we have been able to maintain a strong rapport with our clients in helping them through their insurance claims. Our expertise in guiding customers through the claims process ensures all party’s expectations are properly managed for the best results of your claim.

Insurance Professionals

Insurance brokers and adjusters look to Cranes Restoration to complete restoration jobs quickly and with the highest levels of customer satisfaction in the industry. We work with our local professionals for a hassle-free service for their customers. Cranes Restoration is dedicated to the professional education of our local brokers, adjusters and property managers, and we are proud to offer 1-3 day courses throughout the year to bring greater knowledge to the insurance and property restoration community. Check out our upcoming Continuing Education credit course and find the next course near you.

Navigating Claims with Customers

We have been working with our insurance companies for decades. The insurance process can be complex and often complicated, but our primary objective is to take that pressure off the customer, so you can focus on returning your lives back to normal as quickly as possible. See our FAQ section to assist you to better understand the claims process and definitions. Our Cranes Restoration team is here to guide you through a successful property insurance claim.

Insurance FAQ

Water damage, sewage damage, fire damage, the discovery of asbestos or mould in your home can be devastating. Here are some frequently asked questions we receive from homeowners that hopefully shed light about your insurance claim:

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